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Brian Fuller

O: 817-966-3999 M: 817-934-5328


Well versed in the process of purchasing a home. Brian Fuller brings to the table a vast knowledge about Approval and Financing options.

Whether you are looking for your 1st home, 1st investment property, or you are a tenured investor looking to purchase and/or renovate to add to your portfolio, Brian is a great option.

His enjoyment of using data & research to stay current with markets makes him a go-to option for listing your home as well. No matter how large or small.

His extensive Real Estate financing knowledge gives him an enhanced ability to review offers, in turn providing years of experience as to why one offer may be stronger than another for you to make an informed decision on which one to accept.

Often he is able to paint his clients a picture of the process, providing a good idea of what things would look like on paper, before even looking at the 1st piece of Real Estate.

He does this by laying out the proceeds from Sale (if that applies), Down Payment requirements & available Payment options for the new, in effort to eliminate as may surprises as possible once under contract for the purchase and/or sale.

Doing so often helps find options that may put you in a superior position, that you may not have originally been aware of.

IF asked, "what are the keys to a successful Real Estate transaction", he may say - "The key to any transaction is making informed decisions, taking action, keeping things moving forward in the best direction(s) for *YOUR* Real Estate goals, by leveraging the most recent and relevant data available at the time".

When he is not researching markets. making offers, and listing properties, you'll find Brian enjoying the outdoors. He enjoys skiing on the lake, in the Mountains of Colorado, or simply taking in the views of both.

Give him a call TODAY to take a closer look at what YOU can DO in Real Estate, TODAY!

Brian Fuller
Indwell Real Estate

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